Suave Kapangi Procedure
A piece of the ulna, 1cm long, was removed to increase my arm's rotation.
A very graphic surgery picture is at the bottom of this page (scroll down).
The images below are of Logan's Arm & Ulna (pinky side arm bone).
Staples and Stitches Leave Scars!
It is hard to just throw away a piece of your bone...
...So I made a necklace with my ulna & my favorite rock(snowflake obsidian)
Moving my fingers and rotating my wrist has never been more fun!
Biology, Anatomy & Medicine rule!
* *
3 weeks later, I played my guitar 'til my elbow bruised!  Rock-N-Roll!
Here is a 1cm piece cut from an ulna to increase rotation of the arm.
Below are the final results of the surgery.