Week 3 Lesson Plans:  September 7-10

Be curious always, for knowledge will not acquire you... You must acquire knowledge!

MS #1 Conversions & Chapter 1 Golden Ticket due Tuesday, 9/7/10

How do You Measure? Lab & Quiz due Friday, 9/10/10

Chapter One Test will be Tuesday, 9/28/10 


Foundations of Science

Mr. Logan:  2010-2011

No School

 Monday, 9/6

No School


1. Conversions (#1-15 on separate paper, showing fancy ones)  2.  complete Chapter 1 Golden Ticket (both due Tuesday 9/7/10 B.O.P.)

Day 9

Tuesday, 9/7

discuss MS#1 and suggest do-over, discuss/collect Chapter 1 Golden Ticket


1.  complete MS#1  do-over if you chose to do so  (due Wednesday, 9/9/10 B.O.P.)

Day 10

 Wednesday, 9/8

discuss/collect MS#1  do-over, check notebooks, check textbook covers, practice metric conversions, take/correct/collect Metrics Conversion Quiz, introduce accuracy and precision


1. No Homework

Day 11

 Thursday, 9/9

review  accuracy and precision and discuss measurements made during the lab, do "How Do You Measure In Metrics?" lab, (due Friday, 9/10/10)


1. complete "How Do You Measure In Metrics?" lab,( due Friday, 9/10/10), Measuring Quiz Friday!  

Day 12

 Friday, 9/10

review/collect "How Do You Measure In Metrics?" lab, take/correct/collect "How Do You Measure?" quiz, handout, introduce qualitative and quantitative, review accuracy and precision, handout Chapter 1 Pink Packet (due Monday, 9/27/10  B.O.P)


1. work on Chapter 1 Pink Packet (due Monday, 9/27/10, B.O.P)

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