Images of LoganSpheres
Image pages are ordered as they are covered in Mr. Logan's Honors Foundations of Science Course. Images pages have lessons, hints and photos that can be helpful throughout the year!
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Semester One Semester Two Extracurricular
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Collecting and Interpreting Mystery Powders Project Starshine 00-01
How Do You Measure? May I Cut In? Science Bowl 02-03
Rolling Ball Lab Fourth of July Homecoming 00-01
Pendulum Project Specific Gravity of Minerals Homecoming 01-02
Finding Density Identification of Minerals Homecoming 06-07
Fettuccini Physics Igneous Rocks Homecoming 10-11
Egg Toss Event Sedimentary Rocks Yellowstone Trip 00-01
Egg Drop Event Metamorphic Rocks Yellowstone Trip 01-02
Horse Power Up Stairs Patterns of Magnetic Polarity Green Eggs and Ham 2000
Bouncing Ball Activity Volcanic Rock Activity Mercury Transit 2006
Heat vs Temperature Convection Currents
Phase Changes of Water Lab Rock Correlation Activity
Snow to Water Lab Half-Life Lab
Wicked Chemistry Geologic Timeline
Element's Fingerprints
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Semester One Semester Two
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Collecting and Interpreting 01-02 Density of Objects 01-02
 How Do You Measure? 01-02  Mystery Powders 00-01
Rolling Ball Lab 01-02 Mystery Powders 01-02
Pendulum Project 01-02 Mystery Powders 02-03
Pendulum Project 02-03 Mystery Powders 03-04
Pendulum Project 06-07  Mercury Transit 2006
 Egg Toss Event 08-09 May I Cut In? 00-01
Egg Toss Event 10-11 May I Cut In? 01-02
Egg Drop Event 00-01   4th of July 00-01
Green Eggs and Ham Feast 00-01   4th of July 01-02
Egg Drop Event 01-02 Specific Gravity of Minerals 01-02
Egg Drop Event 02-03 Specific Gravity of Minerals 02-03
Egg Drop Event 03-04  Identification of Minerals 01-02
Egg Drop Event 04-05 Mineral Practical Test 00-01
Egg Drop Event 05-06 Mineral Practical Test 01-02
Egg Drop Event 07-08 Igneous Lab 02-03
Horse Power Up Stairs 02-03 Sedimentary 02-03
Phase Changes of Water 01-02 Metamorphic Lab 02-03 
Snow to Water Lab 02-03 Convection Current Lab 00-01 
Wicked Chemistry 01-02 Convection Current Lab 01-02
Wicked Chemistry 02-03 Convection Current Lab 02-03