Specific Gravity of Minerals Lab

Calcite Massed In Air Galena Massed In Air Sulfur Massed In Air
Calcite Massed In Water   Sulfur Massed In Water
To Find Specific Gravity 

Divide the Mass in Air

By The Mass Lost in Water

 Non-Metal  Calcite = 2.7   Metal  Chalcopyrite = 4.2 Non-Metal   Sulfur = 2.1
Metal   Galena = 7.5  
How can a liquid with SG of 5.1

Be used to distinguish Pyrite  SG 5.0 

from Magnetite SG 5.2?

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Halite can not be tested

in this way!  Why?

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Non-Metals Have SG Below 3 and Metals Have SG Above 3
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