The Story of Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks form from the compaction and cementation of sediments & chemical precipitation.

Clastic: Made From Pieces Chemical:   Minerals Precipitate Organic: Living Materials
Conglomerate:  Large Sediments Compact limestone: Grains of Calcite Coal:  Plant Remains
Sandstone:  Composed of Quartz Rock Salt:  Crystals of Halite Shell Limestone:  Shell Fragments
Shale:  Tiny Flakes, Silt    
Sediments are naturally sorted by water. 

 Larger pieces fall out in rougher water.  (Conglomerate)

As the water slow, sand is deposited.  (Sandstone)

Only in the calmest water are the flakes and silts deposited.  (Shale)


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ROCK: a group minerals bound together

Light Colored Quartz Dark Colored Biotite Mica Pink Colored Feldspar
All Three Are In Igneous Granite All Three Are In Sedimentary Sandstone All Three Are In Gneiss


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