Identification of Minerals 

The Mineral Lab Table Set-up

The 30 Minerals In the Lab w/Answer Key (a Huge Image!)

Mineral & Rock Class Notes (PowerPoint)

Mineral Search Site

Mineral Data Base

The Tests Of A Mineralogist
Color "Obvious But Not Very Useful" Streak "Rubbing the Tile" Hardness "Mohs' 1-10"
Taste "Halite Has The Salt" Specific Gravity Acid "Carbonates Fizz"
Cleavage 1 Direction Cleavage 2 Directions Cleavage 3 Directions
Metallic Luster Pearly Luster Vitreous Luster
Augite Has Short Fibrous Crystals Hornblende Has Long Slender Crystals Crystal Systems

Cubic = 90' , equal lengths

Orthorhombic = 90', no equal lengths

Tetragonal = 90' 

Triclinic = non 90', no equal lengths

Hexagonal = 3 horizontal axis @ 60'

Monoclinic = two @ 90' no equal lengths

Talc Feelin' Kinda Soapy Iceland Spar  Double Refracting
Calcite Fizzing Away Graphite Writing On Paper Galena = Cubic, Dense, Metal
Minerals Are Placed Into Groups Based On Chemical Makeup
Silicon & Oxygen Silicates From The Dark Side! Watch Them Fizz!
Pure Elements! Taking Mr. Logan's $1 Ion Forming in Solution!
Iron & Aluminum With Oxygen! The Stench of Sulfur! Solving the Mystery!
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