The Story of Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks when rocks are changed by heat and pressure.

Foliated: Visible bands   Non-Foliated: No Bands
Gneiss:  From Granite Quartzite:  From Sandstone
Metamorphic rocks tend 

to be more dense 

than the rocks the came from.

Gniess has thick light & dark bands   Quartzite contains quartz, hardness = 7
* *
Schist:  This Sample Has Mica Marble:  From Limestone
Regional Metamorphism covers large areas and is more intense.

Contact Metamorphism covers less area and is less drastic.

Schist has thin wavy bands   Marble contains calcite = fizzes in acid
* *
Slate:  From Shale
Slate is very-fine with microscopic bands


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ROCK: a group minerals bound together

Light Colored Quartz Dark Colored Biotite Mica Pink Colored Feldspar
All Three Are In Igneous Granite All Three Are In Sedimentary Sandstone All Three Are In Gneiss


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