The Story of Igneous Rocks

Igneous rock form from the cooling and crystallization of liquid rock. (magma or lava)

Light Color Color Dark Color
Felsic Magma Magma Type Mafic Magma
Mostly Quartz, Feldspar, Mica Magma Composition Mostly Ferromagnesian Minerals
Thick Slow Flowing Magma Thickness Thin Fast Flowing
  Texture of Rocks  
Granite   Gabbro
Coarse Grained

(larger crystals)

Rhyolite   Basalt
Fine Grained

(barely visible crystals)

Pumice & Obsidian   Scoria
Glassy/Lava Rocks

(no crystals)



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ROCK: a group minerals bound together


Light Colored Quartz Dark Colored Biotite Mica Pink Colored Feldspar
All Three Are In Igneous Granite All Three Are In Sedimentary Sandstone All Three Are In Gneiss


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