How Do You Measure In Metrics?

[cm3 = mL  (by definition)]   &   [for water: cm3 = mL = g] 

Measuring Length

Calculating Volume

Measuring Volume

Measuring Mass

Calculating Density

Calculate % Error

Calculate volume:  L x W x H  (cm3)   Mass the carton empty     (grams)
Fill the carton with water. Find the mass of the carton and the water (grams).
Subtract the mass of the empty carton from the full carton to find the mass of the water alone.
How many mL in the carton?
When  mass (grams) of water is divided by volume(cm3 or mL) of water, the answer is ONE!
Water has a density of 1g/mL or 1g/cm3
Pre-iceberg Titanic has a density less than 1g/mL
Post-iceberg Titanic has a density more than 1g/mL

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