Annual GFHS Egg Toss Event


School Record

        Bridger L

                Quest F

          28 Meters

Period Winners

Period One: 12 Meters

Grandma J

                   Mike M     

Period Two: 13 Meters

             Mercedez R    

                  Jamison L

Period Three: 14 Meters

Kirsten K

Wyatt F   

Period Four: 20 Meters

               Kyle W

                     Jonathan C

Period Six: 28 Meters  

             Bridger L

                       Quest F

Increase Stopping Time Means Less Force on the Egg!

Splodge Awards

Period 1   Jamison L

Period 2   Raven M

Period 3   Kirsten K

Period 4   Jonathan C

Period 6   Desta A

                        Math & Science Rule!

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