First Annual GFHS Egg Drop Competition 2001

Thank You Mr. Skaer!

New  GFHS Record 
Mike Bakke:  13.81 
Top 10 Finalists
Ali Winberry: 16.38
Andrew Albers: 18.02
Paul Chaon: 22.94
Brian Mayernik 23.60
Jeremy Noble: 30.30 
Jacque Swanson: 32.03 
Sean Egan: 35.48
Holly Shick: 40.94
Fran Medina: 42.99
Calvin Jordan: 48.13
Thanks to all Recorders
Rachelle Witt Bridget Barron Fran Medina
Jessica Spindler Matyka Huston
Math & Science Rule!
See Images of the 2001 Green "Egg Drop" Eggs & Ham Feast!

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